Ugly gridiron lines and all, Buffalo’s Russell Cicerone shines with another golazo


Buffalo’s men’s soccer team needs a field of its own, if for no other reason than to make Russell Cicerone’s golazos look better on video.

The junior from Bloomfield, Michigan, scored a screamer of a goal on a set piece from 30 yards out Tuesday that for most mortals would be considered the goal of a lifetime but for Cicerone falls to No. 2 on the list after his overtime midfield strike from last season.

Tuesday’s strike:

And the one from last year that was Top Drawer Soccer’s Goal of the Year.

As you can see, both goals were scored in the university’s 29,000-seat football and track and field stadium with the unsightly hash marks and painted endzone area in front of the goal uglying up the view.

If ever there were an Exhibit A for why soccer should never be played on a gridiron, it’s Cicerone, who it should be noted scores more than just long-range goals on free kicks – Tuesday’s tally was the 18th of his college career.

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