Ranking College Soccer Supporter Groups by Social Media Followers

Supporters Groups

The men’s college soccer season kicks off this Friday, which means the return of supporters groups for some of the biggest programs in the country. While not every program has an established supporters group, some like The Crew at the University of Maryland and Gaucho Locos at UC Santa Barbara have been able to rally the troops around the program and operate like a supporter group you might see in USL.

By my count, there are 27 supporters groups for men’s soccer that have a presence on social media. There are a number of other school-specific supporters groups that include all sports like the Gaucho Locos at UC Santa Barbara, AK Rowdies at Akron, Otto’s Army at Syracuse and the Hoo Crew at Virginia, but for the sake of this survey I stuck with groups specific to soccer.

Here they are ranked in order of their social media follower count.

pvJ7nUFk_400x400The Crew, University of Maryland
1,241 followers on Twitter, 2,267 followers on Facebook, 187 followers on Instagram
3,695 total followers

YEVXA--Q_400x400Louisville Louligans, University of Louisville
655 followers on Twitter, 1,715 followers on Facebook, 5 followers on Instagram
2,375 total followers

Di3mhwi2_400x400Michigan Ultras, University of Michigan
1,243 followers on Twitter, 272 followers on Facebook, 154 followers on Instagram
1,669 total followers

ad42e685053e8da748d21298a5773207_400x400Red Cedar Rowdies, Michigan State University
1,076 followers on Twitter, 358 followers on Facebook, 47 followers on Instagram
1,481 total followers

FHviNEP9_400x400USF Goalmouths, University of South Florida
584 followers on Twitter, 433 followers on Facebook, 159 followers on Instagram
1,176 total followers

a2438bdaa6407ae6ae7bdd79e71c0d35_400x400UConn Goal Patrol, University of Connecticut
421 followers on Twitter, 704 followers on Facebook
1,125 total followers

SkullJayBlueTop01_copy_400x400Creighton Kommandos, University of Creighton
504 followers on  Twitter, 370 followers on Facebook
874 total followers

NbinzpHI_400x400Xooligans, Xavier University
862 followers on Twitter
862 total followers

ustH_NVb_400x400Lot 17, University of Maryland Baltimore County
363 followers on Twitter, 357 followers on Facebook, 79 followers on Instagram
799 total followers

image_400x400Aztec Army, San Diego State University
567 followers on Twitter, 126 followers on Facebook
693 total followers

ad1340f37d5225d8dd81068dedafe1d9_400x400Queen City Army, UNC Charlotte
289 followers on Twitter, 336 followers on Facebook
625 total followers

ConnorsCrew_logo__2__400x400Connor’s Crew, The Ohio State University
472 followers on Twitter
472 total followers

017vwyes_400x400UCF Knights Watch, University of Central Florida
200 followers on Twitter, 133 followers on Facebook, 138 followers on Instagram
471 total followers

cQTP1FIA_400x400The Colony, University of Wisconsin
240 followers on Twitter, 231 followers on Facebook
471 total followers

a9f41afea21e010549776e438a59fc22_400x400Hoya Hooligans, Georgetown University
340 followers on Twitter, 77 followers on Facebook
417 total followers

bf98v9fy_400x400UE Hard Aces, University of Evansville
387 followers on Twitter, 23 followers on Instagram
410 total followers

o6fg5TAQ_400x400Sons of Jeffrey, Penn State University
163 followers on Twitter, 187 followers on Facebook, 40 followers on Instagram
390 total followers

n9Ov6DYV_400x400Birds of Prey, Marquette University
389 followers on Twitter
389 total followers

7aT40Trm_400x400Meadowbrook Maniacs, Oakland University
359 followers on Twitter
359 total followers

58ff796439e0b6e1f17b331c39eee994_400x400Hurricane Hooligans, Tulsa University
288 followers on Twitter
288 total followers

Men2_400x400Rakes of Mallow, University of Notre Dame
111 followers on Twitter, 170 followers on Facebook
281 total followers

KiDQJYtU_400x400Sandianistas, University of New Mexico
208 followers on Twitter, 71 followers on Facebook
279 total followers

c469354415f7bb5e8fe4c94189d2f4c6_400x400Furman Fury, Furman University
212 followers on Twitter, 2 followers on Instagram
214 total followers

legion_1818_FIST_400x400Legion 1818, St. Louis University
125 followers on Twitter
125 total followers

UoFXhZqK_400x400Shea Brigade, Bradley University
54 followers on Facebook
54 total followers

Spry_s_Army_Badge_-_Chicago_Fire_Black_400x400Spry’s Army, Wake Forest University
10 followers on Twitter
10 total followers


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