Petition to add men’s soccer at USC has more than 1,000 signatures


USC is a powerhouse in football and a formidable opponent in many other sports, but when it comes to men’s soccer the Trojans don’t even field a team.

“It is incomprehensible that a university with more than $4 billion endowment cannot find the money to fund a Division I men’s soccer program,” wrote Nick Barbarino, a former club soccer player at USC, in an editorial in the Daily Trojan, last month.

He’s not alone.

A petition started on a year ago has more than 1,000 signatures who agree with Barbarino.

USC does field a women’s soccer team, but is in the majority of schools in the Pac 12 conference that don’t field a men’s team.

In fact, the Pac 12 Conference has only six teams competing in men’s soccer, which explains why UCLA, Washington, California, Oregon State, Stanford and men’s soccer-only San Diego State all play each other twice every season.

UCLA, USC’s biggest rival, made the national championship in 2014, losing to Virginia on penalty kicks in a bid to win their fifth title out of one of the strongest Division 1 conferences in the country.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Washington State are in the same boat as USC when it comes to giving their students the chance to see some of the future stars of international soccer like Stanford’s Jordan Morris play.

According to Barbarino’s article, the university has announced that it will be adding a men’s sport in the near future so there’s a chance this could change.

“There will always be obstacles, and I’m not saying it will be easy, but adding a men’s soccer team to USC is a must,” Barbarino wrote. “The ball is in your box, USC. Give the students what they deserve and bring the beautiful game to Los Angeles.”

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  • Does this Barbarino genius understand how NCAA member schools allocate funds across men’s and women’s sports? If it were all about resources, USC could field dozens of sports, but it’s not that simple. Perhaps he and his minions ought to consult a rule book before ranting to the AD’s office.

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